Wawa Zainal

Published: September 25, 2013

Wawa Zainal, ACTRESS Wawa Zainal is fed up with rumours that she secretly got married and is now pregnant, reported Kosmo!

“I have also heard these rumours but there is no way for me to stop people from speculating and creating rumours.

“Allah and my family know the truth and that is more than enough for me,” said the 20-year-old actress who made her first foray into the industry with Klik in 2010.

Asked if there was any truth to the rumours that she was secretly married to actor Aeril Zafril, Wawa denied it, saying they were nothing more than friends.

“I am quite hurt that such rumours are circulating. I returned to my hometown because I was not well, not because I am pregnant.

“I admit I am close to Aeril and that he is my closest friend, but there is nothing more than that,” she said.

Although she had to pass up several film offers due to her health, Wawa assured her fans that she was feeling much better now and will be back to work soon.

> Singaporean-born, Malaysian-based actor Aaron Aziz is set to play a “good boy” from Kedah in a telefilm, Suamiku, Encik Perfect 10!

He will be paired with actress Lisa Surihani, who has starred alongside him in the blockbuster film Ombak Rindu in 2011, reported Utusan Malay­sia.

In Ombak Rindu, Aaron’s character, Hariz, rapes a naive village girl who is then sold into prostitution.

“I will be a good boy this time. It is just going to be a bit challenging as I have to speak with a northern accent.

“My character, Zarief, is from Kedah, so I have to speak like the people there,” said Aaron.

The telefilm, under the direction of Mohamed Feroz Kader, will be shot in various locations, including London.

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