The Final 1 Singapore

Published: July 12, 2013

The Final 1 Singapore, The race is on for the 11 finalists vying to be The Final 1 at a singing competition organised by MediaCorp.

The competition had originally planned for 10 finalists.

A twist in the episode on Wednesday saw the 11th person qualifying for the finals.

Contestant Shaun Jansen had impressed judges with his consistently good performance.

He said: “I actually felt that it’s very lucky for me to get in, and I feel very honoured that the judges would pick me as the last person and so I’m very lucky and I just want to do even better than I ever thought before.”

The competition is now taking a serious turn, with the finalists going through grooming courses and a makeover at a weekend “boot camp”.

Producer Lum Wai Loon said: “Through this boot camp, we actually gave them an overview of how the music industry works and through all the various workshops, they actually are more prepared as competitors and also as they journey on to making themselves a star, a singer.”

Finalist Gail Belmonte said: “The contestants will definitely become more competitive and we won’t be all friendly-friendly the whole time. It’s something that I think I’m expecting and to prepare myself, I’m just going to stay grounded and do my thing and really just give my best in everything that comes.”

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