Stray Dog And Little Boy Save Each Other From Freezing To Death

Published: March 26, 2013

Stray Dog And Little Boy Save Each Other From Freezing To Death, A dog and a seven-year-old boy saved each other’s lives when the pair was stranded down a 10-foot hole in Bulgakovo, in the Urals region of Russia. Raul Kutliakhmetov was reportedly walking home from school when he heard strange noises coming from a cement service shaft by the side of the road.

He peeked in to discover his “favorite dog,” a stray he had often played with, at the bottom. When he tried to help, he fell in too. For three days and nights, the pair huddled for warmth as temperatures plunged to 12 degrees.

They were discovered only when a team of road workers heard barks from the pit. The boy is now back with his family, but the dog’s whereabouts are unknown.

Seven year old Raul Kutliakhmetov was trying to rescue his best friend – a stray dog – stuck in three-metre deep roadside service shaft.

‘We are in awe at how he managed to survive, sitting inside there for three days. He told us that all that time his dog and him were clutching to each other trying to warm each other up’, a doctor who treated Raul said. Picture: The Siberian Times

But Raul slipped in the snow and fell in too. A huge search involving 200 people for the missing boy failed to find him until more than 72 hours later road workers heard the exhausted barks of a dog from the pit.

Weak but conscious, Raul was pulled out with his saviour, the stray dog.

‘I was coming back home from school and heard a strange noise,’ said Raul, wrapped in blankets and re-united with his worried mother, but still shivering.

‘It was coming from inside the uncovered hole on the side of the road. I looked inside and saw my favourite dog down there’.

The dog – who he sometimes played with in his village Bulgakovo – was howling, pleading to be rescued, said the boy from Bashkiria in the Urals.

‘I came back home, had some food, changed into other clothes and went back to rescue the dog’.

But he slipped into the dark and cold shaft, falling three metres down, and was unable to climb out.

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