SK Seri Pristana

Published: August 12, 2013

SK Seri Pristana, When the news about the temporary canteen at SK Seri Pristana first broke out, my first thought was how my reaction would have been had it been my children’s kindergarten who had taken that temporary measure. I was extremely distressed looking at the photograph showing the young schoolchildren having to have their meals in the so called changing rooms.

Several days after the whole issue went viral on Facebook, the school authorities had the nerve to showcase a photograph which showed the school staff enjoying their food during a buka puasa session. The adults in that photo CHOSE to have their meals in a less than conducive environment and it is indeed mind boggling that they chose to do that to downplay the entire issue.

The schoolchildren on the other hand had no choice at all and it was indeed pitiful seeing them having their meals in the changing rooms/toilets. Every school has a field and if the HM and his team were so adamant that the school canteen was off limits due to dubious renovation works (wooden doors to glass doors), then the children should have been allowed to have their meals at the field.

I am also pretty sure that there must have been at least ONE empty classroom which could have accomodated the less than 30 non-Muslim schoolchildren during the fasting month. The Deputy Minister said that the HM’s intention was good but the choice of place was wrong. I really don’t see how a senior staff member holding the post of Headmaster could have come up with such a questionable decision and I also fail to see his good intentions whatsoever.

If he was adamant that the children should have a proper place to eat, he should have asked the children to eat in the staff room whilst he and the rest of the teachers could use the changing rooms/toilets. Now the Deputy Minister says that the matter is closed. But he must stop and think about the repercussions of things that may happen after this. The child whose mother took the photograph and uploaded it on Facebook will definitely be targeted.

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