Santé Michael Schumacher

Published: January 24, 2014

Santé Michael Schumacher, It is now more than three weeks as champion Michael Schumacher is in a coma following a serious skiing accident. If we are to believe the words of a neurosurgeon, this would be particularly disturbing.

Following a serious accident occurred at Meribel ski, Michael Schumacher in a coma for more than three weeks. And if some improvements of his health were announced by the agent of the star his condition would still be of increasing concern.

“If nothing clearly positive has occurred during the first three weeks, it becomes rather disturbing,” says a professor of neurology.

So much so that the British press is already talking about a vegetative state and coma which could well last for several years without anything happening. But relatives of Michael Schumacher want to keep hope and still believe the former sports star of F1 might wake up. Forced out of the coma has even been mentioned several times in recent weeks.

“All the information about the state of health not from Michael or his doctors or his management should be regarded as pure speculation,” said the officer of the star. Should therefore be taken lightly the words that we read in the press.

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