Samsung Note 3

Published: August 12, 2013

Samsung Note 3, The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 makes another appearance on the Samsung website just weeks ahead of the expected Galaxy note 3 launch event on September 4th at IFA 2013 in Germany.

While the overall design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 remains a closely guarded secret the Samsung Galaxy Note III or Samsung Galaxy Note 3 name is not.

Earlier this year a user agent on the Samsung Mobile website outed the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with a UAProf for an expected Galaxy Note 3 model number, pointing to a 1080P HD display.

At this point, after telling fans to “Note the date.” on the Samsung Mobile Unpacked Episode 2 event invite, the Galaxy Note 3 is all but confirmed and on the way, but over the weekend the Galaxy Note 3 appeared online on Samsung once again.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 appears on the Samsung website as Samsung prepares for a swift release.

Android Central discovered numerous uses of the Samsung Galaxy Note III name inside an instruction manual for the Samsung SideSync software. This software is already showcased in some areas, but the Galaxy Note III name is noteworthy.

This document uses the Galaxy Note III name, which continues the Galaxy Note II tradition, but skips on a numeral like the Samsung Galaxy S4. Whatever Samsung officially calls the new Galaxy Note, we expect consumers will focus on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 name, just as Galaxy Note 2 was adopted by users.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is mentioned 13 times in the SideSync setup instructions.

As expected Samsung is preparing a number of documents and webpages for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launch and it looks like the Samsung SideSync software is going to be pre-installed in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This software allows users to put the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 display on a computer. The video below shows Samsung SideSync in action with a Samsung Galaxy S4.

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