Perkahwinan Beego Linda Hashim

Published: June 7, 2013

Perkahwinan Beego Linda Hashim, Actors love one heart warm feather Beego and Linda Hashim will get married soon. Currently both the prospective bride is already busy distributing their wedding cards.

Norhazlinda real name Linda Hashim said he do a lot of wishes and prayers of repentance in preparation for the rising of the happiest moments of his life to be held on June 7 next.

“To prepare myself, I made a lot of prayer and repentance circumcision intent. As human beings we do a lot of oversight and that may cause this kind of God would make it easier, “said Linda.”

Linda and the marriage ceremony will be held at the Mosque Beego Usama bin Zaid, Section 2, Wangsa Maju on June 7 after the Isha prayer while a reception will be held the following day on the Plains of employees, the National Film Development Corporation (Firnas), Hulu Klang at 8 pm.

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