Orkan Xaver

Published: December 6, 2013

Orkan Xaver, Hurricane “Xaver” brought a lot of wind, mighty waters – and it is not over yet. Will the storm now getting worse? The most important facts about the hurricane.

How strong was the storm?

“Xavier” was not as severe as the hurricane “Christian” end of October, but he also reached extreme winds, took exceptionally long and involved a very large area. Some of the highest wind speeds in the night on Friday were measured according to the German Weather Service (DWD) on the Baltic coast of Schleswig-Holstein. In Gl├╝cksburg with 158 kilometers per hour, at the Kiel lighthouse with 144 km / h Also on the Brocken (155 km / h) in List on the North Sea island of Sylt (174) and in B├╝sum (137) were high values ??registered. The weather service Meteo Media gives a top speed of 167 km / h for the island Hiddensee. During the day it can still come to hurricane-force winds, the wind lackluster overall but from, shared with the DWD.

How high the water rose?

On the North Sea coast, the water levels were between 2.50 and almost 4 meters above the mean high water. The highest value was measured according to the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) in the early morning with about four feet above the mean high water in Hamburg. Chance of flood values ??are given in meters above sea level. For better comparability and to provide a larger area to cover, the BSH but refers to the mean high water. At the level Husum 3.27 meters were recorded in Gluckstadt 3.73 meters.

“In order for these storm surge would take place six of storm surges since 1962,” said John Oelerich, director of the State Office of Coastal Protection Schleswig-Holstein. In Hamburg, the second-highest water levels were measured since records began, in 1976 only increased the level higher. Mid-nineties increased the level twice nearly as high as this time. Because of the storm surge of the Port of Hamburg and several streets along the river Elbe at night had to be closed. The famous fish market and some roads along the river Elbe were under water.

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