Ombak Rindu

Published: September 1, 2013

Ombak Rindu, Ombak Rindu song got the award Most Popular Malay song NEWAY 2013 when it became the choice of visitors at the karaoke center.

According to marketing manager NEWAY Karaoke Box Malaysia, Aining Wong, singing songs and Hafiz Adira became the largest selection of more than 10,000 times played subscribers.

“Because of the popularity of the movie Ombak Rindu also makes the song become popular in our karaoke.

“The calculations are made from January 2012 to June 2013. Additionally Shae singing Love songs, received second place while Friends Successor (Black and Malique), “he said.

Mojo vocalist, Aweera
Aining met at the open house and award the most popular Malay song by the entertainment center.

At the ceremony, a total of 12 popular songs given their awards, including Moment Like love Again (MOJO) who finished fourth and Muara Heart (Hafiz and Mayor Wilco) is ranked fifth.

While the song Already Enough Already (Nirvana band) and White-White Jasmine (ST12) each finished sixth and seventh.

Besides singing Najwa Latif Sahabat eighth followed the song I Love Him (Ainan Tasneem) was ranked ninth.

Place 10 to 12 respectively won by Rembau Most Wanted (Beneficiary), Story He (Drama Band) and the moment You Come (Ramlah Ram and Sleeq).

According Aining, the government is pleased to have the opportunity to organize the event for the first time and it will become an annual event.

“This award is a recognition of the contributions and talent born in the entertainment industry. Hopefully, this recognition was well received by the music industry, “he said.

Add Aining, other songs backed by the popularity and strength, the role of the media also contributed to a song’s life in order to survive and topped the charts.

In addition, the cooperation undertaken by the record companies as promotional activities together artists helped the popularity of the entertainment center to remain a choice.

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