Nurul Wahab

Published: July 8, 2013

Nurul Wahab, HAPPINESS citing the wonderful days when pregnancy is entering the sixth month however, Nurul Wahab, 36, suddenly enveloped cloudy emotions. Discharge-discharge feeling as though as a warning to certain parties, many written on his Instagram page.

Menjangkakan something awful, mothers who already have a girl first results of his first marriage was later contacted to obtain perkhabaran. Soft intimate sound like nothing any grief yet, easy diselak his little heart. Nurul emotionless as he admitted his emotions collapsed. Feelings raged between upset and sympathy.

“I’m just sad, because that’s my lot to load up the passage of these words of wisdom menerusi my Instagram. There are many things that make me sad Among the negative comments-comments are occasionally thrown a bit beyond me.

“Actually, I am not a sake only is hit, other artists also berdepan crowded situations but all that may be caused in the process of pregnancy like this, it is made quickly touched my emotions,” she said with exasperation.

Mahu not itemize comments from negative comments received by him, wife to Eric Daniel Depp explained most of the comments are beyond rebuke.

“It should not be reprimanded but warning tone was too harsh and loud as if we were the very excessive. People who pretend to give comments it also sorts too perfect. All objects that we did not hit. Designate one point and no one else.

“I’m not mad just sad kerana who threw the rough words of our people (Malays). My sympathy crowded kerana negative-minded, “he who does not desire to close his Instagram account directly.

Nurul added again: “Those who issued the comments-comments not devotees but pembencinya.”

Extracts tangled emotions, Nurul is already getting ready to leave home. Tomorrow, she and her husband Eric will be unencumbered to France over a month for the entire period. Nurul Merajukkah so he took himself out of the country?

“I’m not sulking but kind of fluke anyway. This is my design. Before the pregnancy does not justify me everywhere, this year I will be fasting and welcome Hari Raya Aidilfitri with Eric’s parents in France. I do not carry myself but mahu learn French by more effective there. I mahu entered French class in there, if I only learned in Malaysia but do not practice it, “said Nurul which will be the first time fasting and beraya outside the country.

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