Nelydia Senrose

Published: June 19, 2013

Nelydia Senrose, Outcry when a photograph young actors, Nelydia Senrose supposedly wearing a bikini was uploaded on social networking site Instagram hers recently.

Invite speculation pictures were taken during a holiday on Tioman Island with her family and had inadvertently trigger a negative reaction Loyal fans of the End star’s drama.

Commenting on speculation the owner of said real name Zaris Nelydia Senrose Nik Nik Sen, 19, he denied that the owner of a body figure in the picture is her.

On the other hand, said that the figure known by the nickname Nely, who recorded her own image and its main purpose is to show the view behind the bikini female body.

Kosmo! met with the actor’s birth Kelantan exciting plans in conjunction with the screening of Ramadan and the feast of Media Prima at Aloft Hotel, Kuala Lumpur recently to get a further statement. Follow the following interview.

Kosmo: There was a negative reaction to the recently Nely piece bikini pictures of Pulau Tioman. Nely may have its own explanation?

NELYDIA SENROSE: By God it was not me. The main subject of the photo is a view in front. Incidentally there is a foreign citizen girl in front of me and she inadvertently included the same in my picture. People thought I was, but it is not.

How Nely informed about it?

Director Ahmad Murugan contact me to get confirmation that the story arose. I never thought about the bikini girl image blur because he felt nothing of the issue that will arise. I’m told the picture was about an hour into my chaotic upload.

Nely may know but deliberately upload it to spark controversy?

Of course not. Why should I embarrass my family for such things? We know people now know how to assess, for what we want to do things that is not really. This is just another piece of the picture presented other received.

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