NASCAR: Who Won At Bristol?

Published: March 18, 2013

NASCAR: Who Won At Bristol?, Drivers ran side by side, laps at a time, in a battle for the lead. Cars careened wildly into the wall after contact from another — or from a tire pushed past its limit. And Joey Logano confronted Denny Hamlin, and inadvertently his crew, on pit road after the race.

Yep, Bristol is back.

The Tennessee bullring drew much commentary in recent years for the type of racing it failed to produce. On Sunday, both the track — and winner Kasey Kahne himself, delivered the punch fans have been hungering for at Bristol Motor Speedway.

In the NASCAR Sprint Cup Food City 500, there were 17 lead changes among 10 drivers — but there could have been many more. Throughout the race, drivers would pull alongside one another, with one getting a run off the turn but unable to complete the pass on the straightaway. Dogged determination kept the battles alive off and on throughout the showdown.

The final 100 laps of the race boasted epic battles for the lead — and for other positions throughout the top 10.

Brad Keselowski and Kasey Kahne ran side-by-side, or bumper-to-bumper, lap after lap. Kahne tried to go high, tried to go low, and simply could not complete the pass on Keselowski. Then they hit lapped traffic.

Kahne amped up his effort, trying so hard that he briefly lost control on the backstretch then reeled in his car back. He settled into second briefly — and then the caution came out when Jimmie Johnson’s tire failed and he hit the wall.

That caution proved to be the defining moment in Kahne’s win and the undoing of Keselowski – but the run showcased just how far Bristol has come.

Despite surrendering the lead to Kahne and settling for third, Keselowski praised the track and the racing it produced.

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