Melenchon Manifestation

Published: April 6, 2013

Melenchon Manifestation, Who knows if in the head Mélenchon these days, hordes of outraged citizens are already rushing to the Elysee to enforce the Sixth Republic … In reality, the former candidate Presidential Left Front rang Friday rally in Paris on May 5, denouncing a “system” that “reveals its intrinsic decay.” System, said on France Info Co-Chair of the Left Party, “which combined the effects of a five-year monarchy with irresponsibility is spreading to all floors by the concentration of power and neoliberalism with the waves of money circulate. ”

During the presidential campaign, Mélenchon has experienced great success with mobilization of the Left Front, whether Place de la Bastille in Paris, Marseille and Toulouse. Less than a year after the election of François Hollande, while the Head of State “is a totally wrong diagnosis” of the crisis and finds himself “overwhelmed by the situation,” the MEP trusts that window opens for the Left Front embodies the alternative.

While the former Trotskyist tendency Lambertist formed in his youth to coups, did not wait to consult its allies in the Left Front before launching his invitation to an event “sweep” to “purify the political atmosphere absolutely unbearable. ” And he is determined to firmly hold the handle of the broom. The occasion chosen for this “walk citizen for the Sixth Republic” is the anniversary of the second round of presidential elections. Francois Hollande is the direct target. And the goal is to collect all the left-wing voters disappointed by those in power to build a new majority on the left and above, get to the Sixth Republic. “Thousands of socialist activists are bruised, I hope they get close to me, they will understand” that the Socialists, according Mélenchon “liars, influence peddlers with the extreme right” … “The chain of lies begins in the Socialist Party and the National Front ends, it is absolutely incredible!” he storm.

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