Médailles Sotchi

Published: February 10, 2014

Médailles Sotchi, The first medals begin to fall to the Sochi Olympics, which were officially opened Friday. Unfortunately for the France team, including Martin Fourcade who finished only sixth of its biathlon Saturday the counter remains hopelessly stuck at zero.

To follow the results of the Sochi Olympics-real-time updated, The HuffPost offers detailed graphics, classifying categories: medals by country and athletes, but also unemployment or military budget medalists nations:

Moreover, the daily schedule of all events is visible at the top of the graphics:

Note that this infographic is available on the right, in all the articles on the Sochi Olympics.

On the sports field, as announced, Norway (6, 2 gold) and United States (3, 2 gold), began their harvest of medals. Austria, thanks to the first place of Matthias Mayer, 23, she can boast gleaned one gold medals the most coveted of the fortnight.

At the organizational level, if the opening ceremony, watched by almost three billion viewers, was a success, we can already identify a few small quirks. Thus, Alexandra Kosterina, the spokesman Olympic Organizing Committee Sochi acknowledged that thousands of seats remained empty during the first tests, despite the fact that 92% of tickets were sold.

Alexandra Kosterina also confirmed that thousands of spectators had not arrived in time for them, or were not entered because, she says, security controls difficult, causing long queues ‘expectations. “People should understand that we arrive early,” said she warned, noting that the Russians had used to arrive at the last moment on a competition.

Finally, remember that journalists have found them sloppy finishes in hotels reserved for the press, as some athletes in the Olympic Village, as U.S. luger who had to break the door of the bathroom to get out.

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