Larissa Marolt Hollywood

Published: January 27, 2014

Larissa Marolt Hollywood, Larissa Marolt blossomed slowly from the nag to potential Jungle Queen. That both her colleagues at the camp and the viewers at home, the 21-year-old had misjudged the beginning of the RTL show “Jungle Camp”, also director Barbara Gräftner confirmed in an interview with RTL. She says the Austrian, even a great international career ahead: “She’s chances in Hollywood, because it’s tough.”

Larissa had learned and proved that she is extremely professional in Gräftner at the renowned New York acting school Lee Strasberg. Even if she had been celebrating the evening with colleagues, she stood again in the morning fit on the stage. “She has a good work ethic,” said Gräftner on.

“Larissa was an immediate full-time professional”
Larissa had taken a supporting role in the film “Rise up $ Dance” recently directed the Gräftner Director. “Larissa came fresh from the Lee Strasberg drama school and was an immediate full-time professional. Has already prepared during school hours on the role and came to the shoot with a finished concept,” the director told “”. Larissa was lifted in any way. “She is such a down to earth and humble person When I asked her if her hotel was good enough during the shoot, she just said: ‘Oh, that’s much nicer than I’m used to it that would not have been necessary. ‘”

The international designer Leanne Marshall, the Larissa had been booked as a model for their shows, said in RTL interview: “I am firmly convinced that Larissa has opportunities in the international market.”

“She is clumsy, that is not played”
That the model would only play their slightly crazy way her mother Elke denied. “She’s just clumsy, that is not played. It actually looks already Larissa Marolt, as it is.” She was just a funky, spirited girl who would still do anything for their colleagues in the jungle camp. In addition, it was premature to introduce to her mother that she could get such a role upright all the time. “You can not change to 24 hours.”

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