Kes Skandal Adi Putra

Published: October 22, 2013

Kes Skandal Adi Putra, NEW abated only the story of the scandal involving actor Adi Putra with a wife the status of women; currently under police investigation.

Now, there was the new story says Adi uses a powerful individual to drop the case from the investigation.

As there was no further evidence on the matter, Zass get Adi’s wife, Aida Yusof after failing to contact the actor.

“I just know these things (allegations Adi using influential individuals) today (Tuesday) for not buying a newspaper on Sunday.

“As much as possible I do not want to comment on this because as Adi and I have said before, the case is still under police investigation and I do not want to interfere with the investigation.

“But I want to stress here, or Adi I never use anyone to help drop the case. Anyone who does not believe can investigate themselves or ask their own party,” he said.

Aida said she was not aware of the development of the case and the last information which he knows to have finished the forensic investigation.

“I knew it was from the press and other things I was not informed. But once we have the results of the investigation, Adi will issue a press release as promised,” he said.

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