Guerre En Syrie

Published: August 22, 2013

Guerre En Syrie, U.S. military intervention in Syria would not result in a favorable situation in the United States, the Syrian rebels do not support the interests of Washington, said the top U.S. officer, Martin Dempsey.

In the letter sent Monday to Democrat Eliot Engel, elected to the House of Representatives, General Dempsey, Chief of the Joint Staff, highlights the fragmentation of the Syrian opposition and the weight of armed extremist groups in rebellion to justify its opposition to intervention, however limited. “I think the camp we choose (support, ie) must be prepared to promote its interests and ours when the balance will tip in his favor. Today this is not the case,” the general strikes.

“We can destroy the Syrian air force” responsible for numerous bombings of civilians, “it would not be a decisive military but we resolutely engage in the conflict,” he says, adding that if the U.S. “power can change the military balance “in Syria,” it can not solve the historical problems ethnic, religious and tribal underlying fueling the conflict. ” The unrest in Syria have “deep roots,” he adds. It is a “long-term conflict between multiple factions and violent power struggle will continue after the end of the reign of Assad,” predicts the principal military adviser to the U.S. president, who called to assess the value of a limited “in this context.” military engagement

For General Dempsey, who was last week on a visit to Israel and Jordan, neighboring countries of Syria, a U.S. military intervention would also “benefits that would make our allies and partners less safe.” Since the conflict began in March 2011, Washington merely provide a non-lethal support to the Syrian rebels and provide humanitarian aid. In his letter, General Dempsey was in favor of humanitarian aid on a “much larger scale” present.

The Obama administration promised in June “military support” for the rebels, remaining vague about its nature. Wednesday, Washington has called for an investigation “emergency” of the UN after accusations of Syrian opposition on a large-scale chemical attack that would have 1,300 deaths, according to rebels.

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