Fouziah Gous Bertunang

Published: May 29, 2013

Fouziah Gous Bertunang, Gous Fouziah actress, 30, finally admitted to be engaged to her lover Md Zhafran Md Yusof on June 1, In fact, the newspaper reports the Daily News yesterday, Fouziah Gous said he did not want to fuck with her lover long ago this September opt for consolidation with valid bond.

Fouziah Gous Bertunang

“Zhaf know my behavior. He knew I kind of do not like to waste time when making love. Believe I even love after marriage. Due to that, he put in even just a few months we love.

“At least this bond could prevent us from being sullied. We decided not to become engaged too long because we are business partners.

“When the availability of a valid deed, the easier for us to do business together. So not become the talk of where they often see us together,” he said.

Engagement ceremony to be held in the evening is being held in moderation for a family of two sides. The location of engagement, the Fouziah said, he’s in a dilemma due to the possible need to change somewhere else after a unanimous pick a privileged location before.

Fouziah and Zhaf through their brother’s sister-in-law, who is also his close friend Fouziah more than a year ago. Male graduate of Accounting Multimedia University (MMU) is a company Arrow Security Guard and became a financial consultant.

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