Dschungelcamp 2014

Published: January 7, 2014

Dschungelcamp 2014, The “jungle camp” is fast approaching. On 17 January make again more or less prominent TV faces the Australian jungle uncertain. Now the “Bild am Sonntag” has revealed the names of the final two candidates to make the starting eleven complete: There are the former “Quick & Easy” presenter Jochen Bendel (46) and the Austrian ex-”Top Model” – candidate Larissa Marolt (21)

In addition, it should be the former “Tatort” Commissioner Winfried Glatzeder, Ex-Viva Moderator Mola Adebisi and Schlagerfuzzi Michael Wendler. But the latter denied his participation already. On his Facebook page he loaded up a video in which he refuses to participate in the jungle camp. But picture reporter Daniel Cremer seems to know more, “Wendler says on FB he does not go into the jungle camp for this lie send him the fans more often determined for the test.” He tweeted on Twitter.

Other candidates that are traded for the jungle camp, Silvia Wollny, Sophia Wollersheim, Ramona Drews, former are “RTL Saturday Night” actress Tanja Schumann, fashion designer Julian Stoeckel and former Touché singer Karim Maataoui.

Failed Audition show contestants
The jungle camp would not be complete as well, if not would try a few failed Casting participants to bring through the Jungle Show again this week and earn a few euros to do so. This year’s selection: Gaby channel (ex “Queensberry” singer), Marco Angelini (“American Idol” participants and Austrian singer) and Melanie Müller, (the sausage maker from “The Bachelor”).

The hottest rumors
However, the hottest rumor that became public through the grapevine was alleged participation of Kim Schmitz, better known as Kim Dotcom. According to “Bild” information is made at this info but nothing in it because of the internet guru should not enter Australia for its ongoing process. Was also denied the rumor that Micki Krause should fly as a jungle expert with the camp. According to “Express.de” the crooner alongside Sonja Zietlow and Daniel Hartwich should sit on the jungle sofa and evaluate the candidates. On Facebook wrote the 43-year-old: “So I’m definitely not here in Australia since the Express has probably slightly forward the April 1!”

Who actually on 17 January will move into the Australian TV Camp, RTL is but just before show start known. Some highly touted candidates are in fact only planned as a replacement and did not come to train in the ideal case.

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