Der Bachelor 2014

Published: January 23, 2014

Der Bachelor 2014, Berlin is on the front line at this year Bachelor: Not only the Rosenkavalier Christian himself comes from Charlottenburg, Berlin, the two were able to dust off a rose in the first shipment. Angelina (21) and Anna (32) are further here in the War of the Roses to the dream man.

22 women in one night! This is not easy for Christian: “This situation I do not like.” But he just had only six roses, six women had to go. Some had not even spoken to him!

His first Rose got Daniela – his current favorite. She brought him a welcome smooth with its own rose. This impressed. Christian greeted each woman individually and spoke briefly with her. An obstacle was there the wind, sometimes he also helped for a snappy slogan: When Kim from Castrop-Rauxel her dress could hardly hold – one hand on the neck, the other on the Rock – Christian said: “Can I help I have? here are two hands free. ” Next she did not come for it anyway.

For Berliner Angelina! The had also used it fully. When the Bachelor not entertained enough with her, she did not want to sit on the. She grabbed Christian and Jessica (23) from food for a short three-party conversation. Christian in the Rose award: “Who so tough implicated me in a three-way dialogue outside, a rose has earned.” Angelina happy: “I’m relieved.”

So it was only on the conversation? No, Christian also reveals: “Angelina had from the beginning, good books Pretty and sweet..” If he chooses her, no one would have to move – and Berlin might soon have a new dream couple.

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