Cop Kills Just-Married Firefighter

Published: March 5, 2014

Cop Kills Just-Married Firefighter, Anthony Bruno, an off-duty firefighter celebrating his wedding, punches Officer Donald Hubbard in the head before Hubbard shoots him twice in the chest, a video shows.

A disturbing new video shows the moment a Kansas City cop fatally shoots a just-married city firefighter, ending a brutal fight.

Firefighter Anthony Bruno, still dressed in his wedding suit, pins Officer Donald Hubbard onto a city sidewalk and savagely punches the cop in the head again and again in the video.

“Hey, man, don’t fight the cop,” yells one of the people filming the fight. “Oh! Oh! S–t!”

The next sound is gunfire.

Bystanders told just-married firefighter Anthony Bruno ‘Don’t fight the cop!’ but Bruno didn’t listen, pummeling Officer Donald Hubbard seconds before Hubbard opened fire, a video shows.

Police released the shocking footage from the Dec. 1, 2013, fight to the Kansas City Star after a Jackson County grand jury refused to charge Hubbard, 42, with any wrongdoing, ending the investigation.

Bruno, 26, had been celebrating his November 16 wedding on Dec. 1, the Star reported. He and his 29-year-old bride, Stephanie Bruno, had taken a taxi from a restaurant to the Kansas City Marriott Downtown.

Bruno’s cousin, who was blackout drunk, had ridden along. The problems began when Bruno and the cab driver argued over the cost of driving the wasted cousin home.

Bruno’s wife claimed the cabbie insulted her and tossed money back in her face, prompting her new husband to punch the driver.

Kansas City police Officer Donald Hubbard had the upper hand in a fight with just-married firefighter Anthony Bruno, but that changed moments later, a new video shows.

Hubbard, dressed in his uniform, was working security for the Marriott and came outside to intervene.

He chased Bruno down the street and tried to wrestle him into handcuffs.

The video begins with the two men grappling on the ground.

“What did he do?” shouts a bystander.

Newly-married Kansas City firefighter Anthony V. Bruno died, after an off-duty officer-involved shooting in downtown Kansas City on Dec. 1, 2013.
Hubbard seems to be in control, until Bruno suddenly flips him onto his back. The firefighter holds the cop by the throat with his left hand and then rains haymakers on his head with his right.

The blows broke Hubbard’s eye socket and fractured his cheekbone.

“I don’t know how many times he struck me, but I started to black out and saw lines across my eyes,” Hubbard told investigators in documents obtained by the Star. “He continued to strike me, and I started to lose consciousness, and I believed the suspect was not going to stop hitting me until he killed me.

“I feared for my life and I drew my weapon, fired two shots center mass.”

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