Aeril Zafrel

Published: September 24, 2013

Aeril Zafrel, NO wind swaying trees cuisine. That happened to two popular actors, Aeril Zafrel and Wawa Zainal said to be warm despite their love never give a clear statement on the status of their relationship.

The latest, on Saturday, a private radio station producing gossip, ostensibly an actress who is gone actually delivered a healthy baby and now confinement.

The husband of the actress is said to be an actress also a pretty popular with the drama that aired in the afternoon. The news was allegedly obtained from a reliable source that the adoptive family’s own actor.

Many are asking for it, is that the actor married man who allegedly was a handsome actor, incidentally Aeril Zafrel because of her acting drama Love Jannah is warm in the afternoon on TV3.

Puzzle play in the minds of many, perhaps actress claimed to be his wife is an actor who happened to Wawa Zainal was resting in his hometown in Sabah over the past four months because of a mysterious illness medicated or language-related illnesses simply spirits.

To get the real story, follow the Cosmo interview! together Aeril and Wawa.

Kosmo: Some gossip claiming a popular actor in the afternoon drama were married in a hidden way with an actress. Now the drama Love Jannah is popular and all eyes are focused on Aeril, some claim that actor Aeril. Comments?

Aeril: I do not know what to say (laughs). That is just words without any definitive evidence, if I deny and comments even more people do not stop talking.

Is it true you were married?

I am not married, I just married the only drama (laughs).

Woman who allegedly claimed to be your wife is actress Wawa Zainal. Comments?

Now the status of the two of us just good friends and trust each other. No doubt and tipulah if we do not see a word. If he was in Kuala Lumpur, we will go out to eat together, but now he is back home in Sabah as being medicated.

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