Adac Skandal

Published: January 21, 2014

Adac Skandal, In the scandal involving manipulations around the ADAC “Yellow Angel” now also goes Europe’s largest carmaker Volkswagen on distance to the Auto Club. According to media reports, the carmaker will even check the price return. Also from the judiciary threatens the ADAC trouble.

Manipulations over several years
The now retired Head of Communications Michael Ramstetter had confessed to the number of participants clearly glossed in the poll for favorite car of the German upwards. This should be done over several years, according to ADAC CEO Karl Obermair. Last VW Golf had won the election to the favorite car of the Germans at the “Yellow Angel”.

VW does not want to advertise the car price
For VW, the price is increasingly becoming a burden. A spokesman for the Volkswagen Group said the “Bild” newspaper against the backdrop of the scandal, VW wants to “do not advertise with the Yellow Angel for the VW Golf”.

The group had originally planned this. At the same time, the Group called for by the club a “full investigation” of the events.

Report: VW could “Yellow Angel” even return
According to a report in the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” VW might even return the car price. That is not excluded at present. VW makes it, according to the report, depending on how the ADAC enlighten the case internally.

A return of the price would ultimately not surprising. For several days, VW expresses critical to the operations around the manipulation of the “Yellow Angel”. It now raises the question, what value have a price that vitiated by such circumstances, said a VW spokesman on Monday.

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