25 Jahre Baywatch

Published: April 23, 2014

25 Jahre Baywatch, This series has marked the 90s like no other. Exactly 25 years ago, NBC radiated from the first episode of “Baywatch” and thus began the success story that went around the world. But what really make the stars of that time? What became of Erika Eleniak, Jeremy Jackson and Co.? An Overview.

On April 24, 1989 playing on the American broadcaster NBC a series that went around the world a little later. Exactly 25 years ago, David Hasselhoff slipped for the first time in his famous red swimming trunks and cared about a team of health before and drive bursting bombshells. A year later came “Baywatch” way to Germany and has since been in the First, then aired later on Sat.1.

In eleven seasons and 243 episodes ran and swam the lifeguards to the bet and so established the most successful U.S. television series of the 20th century, which was broadcast in 144 countries worldwide and was seen weekly by more than a billion people. But most of the cast disappeared following from the scene. Time for a look at the protagonists of the first season of “Baywatch”.

David Hasselhoff

Hasselhoff (61) played the main character Mitch Buchannon and was renamed to the “Baywatch Hawaii” from the first to the ninth season on board. Subsequently Although developed a strange personality cult “The Hoff”, the great acting performances no longer got his fans but to face. The highpoint in the decline of the former superstars: his participation in the German version of Celebrity Big Brother 2013.

Erika Eleniak

Which boy had stuck in the 90′s not a poster of Eleniak (44) above his bed? The former Playmate was before her role in “Baywatch” a popular model and has already played in 1982 in “ET – The Extra-Terrestrial “with. After two seasons on “Baywatch” Eleniak was replaced by Pamela Anderson. In 1992, she came with her role of a Playmates in “Under Siege” a moderate success. Your subsequent projects flopped all. To this day, she tries to independent and television films – with rather limited success.

Jeremy Jackson

Hobie was the son of Mitch and the swarm of young women in the 90s. His Starring Jackson (33), however, was after the end of “Baywatch” not set foot on the bottom of the film art. After drug problems and a few smaller roles, it became increasingly quiet around Jackson, who even at the end of the 90s celebrated successes in Germany and Austria as a singer. Currently, Jackson is with the Chippendales go and presents his toughened body.

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